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Service/RPA accounts exclusion/inclusion

Hi, we're looking for options to identify and distinguish service/rpa accounts from regular users and once having them identified configure automatic allocation/exemption.

1) Both service accounts and rpa accounts have their naming standard but if possible I'd rather have them identified basing on AD groups they're in. Alternatively basing on the lack of "some" group. Preferably the first one. How to approach it?

2) Once identified by Flexera, where to store the information on the user type? There's a field for user employment types but I couldn't find any flag for the ones above.

3) How to configure automatic license exemption/allocation for those types of accounts? BAS with some staging db?




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@MrPotato :

In order to identify such accounts, you have a few options:
1) Add the string 'Service Account' into one of the user fields such as Job Title, Phone or EmployeeID.
2) Create a Enterprise Group (Location/Business Unit/Cost Center) of 'Service Account' and assign this enterprise group to your Service/RPA user accounts.


Once you have identified which Users are a service account, then your suggested approach of using a Staging DB and a Business Adapter can be used to set License Exemptions for those users that are consuming against a "user" type of license.



1) I understand there's no dedicated field for this but I'd rather not re-use fields that are in FNMS for a reason. Although they're hardly ever used for licensing-related activities FNMS as such is potentially used by other teams in the Organization where information stored in those fields might be needed.

There should be an Employment status like "Robotics" or "Service account".

2) Since user can be only in a single Location, single Corporate Unit and a single Cost Center assigned and we might need to use them for other reasons I will not overwrite them with custom group for this purpose. I thought there's an option to pull users' AD groups into FNMS and that they're stored somewhere in the backend for further use.



Since we're at this - I figure there's no option to link/relate multiple accounts of a single human user either? E.g. if I have a user with a personal account and administrative account?

Hi @MrPotato 

We have an open enhancement IOJ-1808932: Ability to merge the user records manually that once implemented will allow you to merge accounts, this currently has an estimate of 12-24 months.

Linked to that enhancement is a couple of other requests to increase the amount of fields we pull from AD to help facilitate the merging so if you have suggestions on what we should look at, let me know and I'll add it to the request for consideration.

(Anything expressed here is my own view and not necessarily that of my employer, Flexera)
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