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Server requirements for FNMEA


We currently use FNMS (20K devices) which consists of the following servers:

  • FNMS App Server (including Analytics*)
  • FNMS DB Server
  • Beacon Server

*We will be transferring Analytics to a dedicated server in the near future.

Now we are planning to deploy FNMEA which requires an app server, DB server and Analytics.

1. Can I host the DB onto the same server currently hosting the FNMS DB's?

2. Can a single server host the FNMS and FNMEA analytics?



(1) Reply

Answer 1:  As far as database server running on the same server, it would depend on the sizing of that server.  Officially, the release notes state "It is recommended that you have a dedicated database server for each FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications server (one database server for Admin and one database server for Reporting)"; however, in general, this is usually only true if you have over 100 agents connecting to FNMEA.  Practically speaking, I've not seen any performance issues with one database server hosting both Admin and Reporting databases for small to medium implementations.  If you're on a large centralized Microsoft SQL server hosting say a dozen databases, you should simply ensure that you have enough available RAM and CPU (and fast disks) to meet the database server overhead for the specs in the release notes.  There are other factors which will affect database performance, for example if you have big report logs (for example, do they store multiple GB per day of usage which would necessitate pulling them in more than once a day), how timely do you want live statistics for license usage to be available (ergo, agents updating status every minute, every 5 minutes, every 10 minutes), etc.

Answer 2:  The analytics versions for FNMS and FNMEA currently use different passthrough authentication, so you will need to have two different analytics servers and two different analytics databases.


Bill Ferring
Principal Consultant: Flexera One - FNMS - FNMforSAP - FNMEA - SVM/SVR - SaaS Manager