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SQL Edition Data from Tanium

I see reference to bringing in SQL Edition data from Tanium into FNM within the:

However the data comes over as unspecified within FNM.  Is there something else that needs to be done to have this data pass over?
Hoping that this does in fact work as advertised per the documentation, otherwise I believe the only other option is to get the agent on all of the SQL systems.
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The “Creating a Flexera SQL Edition view within Tanium Asset” section in the document refers to a view that needs to be manually created in Tanium Asset, to get SQL Server evidence and not just the edition details. Without this SQL Server recognition itself wouldn’t work correctly.

Currently, the edition information received from this Tanium view is not in a format that FlexNet Manager can directly consume to recognize the SQL Server edition. We are planning to make a change in an upcoming release to handle this.

Thank you.  Will that be an upcoming release of the Tanium connector or the FNM suite?  

Also any estimate of when this will be released?


This will be in an upcoming release of the FlexNet Manager. We're currently aiming to address this in the next on-prem release that is tentatively scheduled for December this year.