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Oracle NUP Licensing

An observation and question as I am looking at our Oracle environment and working to optimize the licensing.  I notice that when I am working with the NUP metric license view the license role (example:  PROD, DEV, TEST, etc.) is not available for this metric.  I am assuming it is because typically a NUP consumes non-production licensing, however, this is not necessarily the case for us.  I am now having to dump this consumption info into a spreadsheet and run vlookups from active inventory to determine what role each of the VMs plays.  

I assume this would be an enhancement?  It may not see logical to have the field available, but it really is for us.


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Hi. It may be worthwhile to check your Oracle License Agreement, but to my recollection, Oracle does not grant any license exemptions, based on servers' business environment/role. Unless you are licensing under an Oracle Technology Network (OTN) license, all your servers where the software is "installed and/or running" (to use Oracle's terminology) need to be licensed, regardless of the environment/role.