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SCCM import error when host name is changed

Hi all,

I recently found a strange behavior of the FNMS and I don't know if this is by design or is a bug.

So, we have FNMS 2019 R1 on prem implementation, standard out of the box adapter to connect the SCCM.

Every thing is working fine till customer asked why some workstation are not found in the inventory. I started digging around. 

Checked importedcomputer table, there is the correct computer that come from SCCM

Checked compliancecomputerconnection to find out the externalid mapping with the compliancecomputerid

Checked compliancecomputer and search for the mapped id, and found out that in compliancemputer the hostname is different, same serial number but different host name.

Probably customer reinstalled or renamed the computer with other hostname, which is no more propagating to FNMS, where we have the old host name.

The question is how can I solve this issue, as I have 100+ computer like this and I expect more in future.

It's this a bug or by design, if the mapping between importedcomputer and compliancecomputer are done  after internal id why the host name is not changed?

Thank you all for your support and I wish you all a nice day.

Adrian Ritz

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Hi Adrian,

Do you have a mix of multiple inventory sources, or is SCCM the only source? The default SCCM inventory adapter should take care of this by removing inventory which no longer in the source DB. Have you checked if the SCCM DB does contain duplicates?

It would be needed to completely understand the root cause, in order to recommend a fix.

Best regards,


Hi Markward,

I will check, we have only 2 inventory sources, SCCM for workstations and Flexera agent for Server and for a subsidiary which are using Landesk and we rolled out Flexera agent on the workstations.

In imported computer I checked only after host name, I will check for this particular computer after serial number, to see if we don't have some duplicate and also after exernalid, if it's not somehow duplicated, I will investigate further on this an I will let you know.