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Re: Cognos Upgrade - FNMS 2020-R2

Hi, KClausen:
Can you share any documentation where it shows the requirements for installing/upgrading Cognos?
In the documentation I have access to, it shows the requirements from the DB point of view (Service account must have db_owner priviledges) but it says nothing related to the service account having to have Local Admin Rights in the Cognos server (and I guess also in the FNMS server if they are two different servers)

Thanks in advance.


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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Documentation related to the installation and configuration of Flexera Analytics (that Cognos is part of) can be found in the "Installing FlexNet Manager Suite On Premises" guide applicable for your version of FlexNet Manager Suite at

Here is the documented description of rights required by the Cognos service account:

This must have read access to the FNMPDatawarehouse database, as well as being a
member of the local Administrators group. Ensure that the account you enter already has Logon as a service permission (see Authorize the Service Account).


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Further to ChrisG's comment, for 2020 R2, the installation instructions are in two parts in that PDF:  the database details start at step 11 on p36, and "Installing Flexera Analytics" starts on p57.  If you are looking for details on upgrades, see the "Upgrading FlexNet Manager Suite On-Premises" PDF section on "Upgrading Flexera Analytics" starting from page 66.