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RH Satellite Recognition and Possible Integration?

Question to those of you supporting datacenter environments with RedHat deployments: if RH Satellite server is brought in, and nodes are activated to report to it, can it be trained (and how?) to recognize consumption by SKU of licensed products?  Also, do you have any hooks for possible integration or automation of reporting to pull the data into Flexera?

These are the SKUs we're concerned about.

Part no./SKU


There is a UNIX admin responsible for the RH Satellite server and administration and reporting from the CLI and console, but he is new to the role.


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Re: RH Satellite Recognition and Possible Integration?


I did an inventory adpater for Red Hat Satellite some years ago. So, while it is rechnically possible, the results will depend on the source data quality. I am also not sure if the evidences will be good enough to recognize specific SKUs.

Also not sure if there's an adapter from Flexera right now. You can create an adapter yourself, Flexera just covered this in a webcast (see partner portal). Alternatively have Flexera professional service or 3rd party consulting create it for you.

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