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RAM Licensing - MongoDB

Dear Community, 


Im trying to license my MongoDB database, the licensing model is not supported by Flexera which leaves a lot to desire. Without using allocation, have you try to license any product by RAM memory? My licensing is like a Core licensing but need to cap the RAM memory to 256/512... can you do it? If so how? 


Appreciate your kind support.


A. MacBeath
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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Hi Victor,

Compared to most metrics this limitation is rather exotic, at least when looking at entitlement quantities. So I wouldn't blame Flexera for not support such niche metric. However, I see ways to customize such RAM cap feature in FNMS.

  • Business Import doing the calculation
  • You can identify the installed applications, so even the allocation aspect could be automated
  • Create a custom table to store the results
  • Deploy a report showing the consumption details from the table above
  • Use a custom metric license to depict the sum of all consumptions

All in all, quite some effort, but possible (assuming FNMS on prem). If you have other metrics, curently not supported, you could try building it a bit more generic to cover other use cases as well.

Best regards,