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Questions regarding Azure inventory


We have an on premise implementation 2022 R1, we connected to Azure and import the data on a daily basis.

We rolled out agent on Azure VM or import the data via SCCM

I know that the linkage between Azure import and inventory is done on UUID that is come from the inventory is linked with the InstanceCloudID.

The question is that I see in the Cloud inventory, only half of the devices are linked with inventory, my problem is that I can't see in the Azure import the host name of the devices that are not appearing. 

If I go to the Azure team they are asking me to provide them the host name, if I ask them to provide InstanceCloudID, they are unable to provide this information. 

Also I have option to delete something from Cloud inventory, I was expecting if the device is no longer in the Azure Import to be deleted, but this is not the case.

Can some one advise how to solve this topic.

Thank you for your support and I wish you a nice day.

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Are you trying to create a gap analysis report for Azure environment. You may ask Azure inventory from Azure team. Its very well possible with power shell script in Azure. From that report  you can find out gaps between reporting agent & Installed VM in Azure subscription.