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Processing a Credit Card purchase in Flexera

Our company has just implemented the FlexNet Manager Suite. I was wondering how others are creating purchases in the Flexera tool that were small software purchases done on an admins credit card. Was the Purchase order no. field used as a catch all spot for purchase orders/ transaction numbers / CC order numbers, and was naming conventions used because there isnt a flag that distinguishes a purchase order like in SAP vs a credit card? 

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By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Hi Nathan,

In my experience, credit card information my not be the best source of data to use, as it does not always have the SKU number in the description. SKU numbers are important to have as they provide insights into the entitlements that have been purchased. I would look for an alternative source, perhaps from the vendor, to provide the full set of required information, if this is possible.

Once you have the data, you can import this via the "Data Inputs" section in the UI, as a flat-file. There are templates in this section for what fields are required and the documentation on this subject will provide an understanding of what fields are mandatory, desirable, etc.

In general terms, you really want the best quality of data before adding to FNMS, so I think you could use credit card data as a indicator that there was a purchase of software, but get more detail from the vendor afterwards to give FNMS the correct amount/quality of data needed.