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Office 365 License Reservations

In the VLSC you can place a license reservation order that can be used to migrate on-prem assets to the cloud without a purchase order. The question is, how does the O365 adapter handle license reservations? Are they imported as consumed licenses? A typical scenario would allow you to set the usage date up to 6 months out. If the adapter is pulling in reservations is it based on that future usage date?
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I realize this is an old question, but something we just discovered. The O365 adapter appears to modify the entitlements directly, not via the purchases. So active reservations show up as entitled licenses, I am not sure about future reservations because we do not create those.

It would be nice if reservation entitlements which will require future true-up payments could be distinguished from entitlements for which we have already paid, it would make it easier to forecast our next true-up payment.