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Load Inventory xml to staging database


we've generated XML files using HPuCMDstage.exe file, So how can we upload them to a staging database?

I know that we can directly upload to the staging database by changing the method to stream want to understand if  there is any way to upload XML's 



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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Hi Sharath,

I am not sure if there is a way for that. I always considered the XML output just for quickly reviewing what results the uCMDB API provided.

For production, I always use the "stream" method to have the data put directly into a staging DB (from where the reader will consume it).

Best regards,


Thanks for the reply

The reason I'm looking for this option is, we're allowed to take data from uCMDB only once or twice a day.  So if we have got the option to upload XMLs to staging, it will help us to some extent for testing and reduce the load on uCMDB.

As @mfranz mentioned you can use the XML files to review the data, However is there any particular reason you are importing HPUD data twice daily? My observation there is negligible impact on the HPUD server for the import and will hardly take a few seconds for the import. 

You can you use the "prestaged" method to import the existing XML files to staging DB.