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Is there a way to tell FNMS to keep the inventory and not drop it if SCCM does

Is there a way to tell FNMS connector to keep inventory even if SCCM lets the device drop out of inventory?

We have some assets which will be turned off for 6 months.  The duration of time will be long enough to cause the device to stop inventory and will likely be removed from SCCM.  When this happens FNMS normally removes the inventory link. 

Is there a way to tell FNMS to keep the inventory and not drop it if SCCM does?


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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager
The short answer is no - once a computer is removed from an inventory source such a SCCM, the associated inventory that was imported into FlexNet Manager Suite will be removed. FlexNet Manager Suite is seeks to reflect what is currently represented in the inventory source, so it works hard to keep up with the changes there.

A longer and more complex answer is that if you are using FlexNet Manager Suite on-premises (not Cloud), then you might consider removing the "RemoveMissingComputers.xml" step from the import writers process. While I note this for completeness, I don't recommend it. Doing this would mean inventory records keep on accumulating indefinitely in FlexNet Manager Suite, and licenses would keep on getting consumed for old computers until/unless you put some process in place to remove them. There may be other obscure side effects of not deleting old records that may not become obvious for some time.
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I have a customer just doing this. Inventories are not removed when SCCM removes them, but when a CMDB says they have been decommissioned. Works ok, but as mentioned by @ChrisG, there are risks involved.

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