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Integration Bus bundling with MQ

Hi Team, I was trying to bundle IBM MQ with IBM App Connect ( previously IBM Integration Bus). Since Flexera is not performing automated bundling for these products, I have edited use rights & rules for App Connect to include MQ server signatures as supplementary products.

With above exemptions applied, some servers where both applications are identified are licensed only under Integration Bus but few servers are calculated for both Integration Bus and MQ. This is leading to incorrect PVU requirement for MQ.  

Could you please help how to rectify this issue ?

I am attaching the screenshots for reference. Let me know if any additional details are required.

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Hi @dnarra 

Sorry I have questions rather than answers, but suspect allocation or license priority to be the issue.

  1. Can you confirm the sku you have used - I am not familiar with the product
  2. Can you confirm if the second MQSeries license is also configured as a bundle?
  3. Can you confirm device hb21as44v is not allocated to the MQSeries license?


Hi @Nico_Erasmus,

Please see my responses below.
1. SKU is D56P3LL
2. Yes - please see the attached screenshots on how I configured the bundling. I am new to Flexera and based on the IBM FNMS documentation, I believe this is how we setup the license priority. Let me know if something is incorrect here ?
3. It is not allocated but is still consuming. I am not sure why in one case it is taking the bundling but ignored in other case.


Hi @dnarra 

Your attached screenshot only shows the AppConnect license config, not the MQ license config.

To rectify your situation as you requested:

  • you can force priority of the AppConnect license by allocating the devices to this license that 


Do I need to edit the MQ license config as well ? since it is of lower tier than Integration Bus ?

Could you explain more on forcing priority of App connect license ?

Hi @dnarra

License priorities are set by a number of things that are best reviewed in the help.