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Incremental Cost in FNMEA Contract

how to set the Incremental Cost in FNMEA Contract

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i am elaborating my query,  i have a contact xml file to upload in FNMEA, When I upload that contact xml file its not showing the “Incremental Cost” under the product list, but it is showing if I add the product cost manually. please refer the screenshot and advise me how to set up the incremental cost.

By Level 3 Flexeran
Level 3 Flexeran


"Incremental Cost" will be auto calculated based on the values provided in the Product pool, This also can be passed through XML files(Contract, Product). We have an issue in the latest version of FNMEA. It will be helpful to know which version of FNMEA you are using and experience this issue? Please kindly provide the details to look into this further.





Thank you for your reply Leela Ram, we are using FNMEA 2021R1.


Any update ?