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Identifying software with an Export Administration Regulations (EAR) requirement

I am looking for an easy way to identify all software with an Export Administration Regulations (EAR)  related requirement.  Most of the time this is detail that is burred in the EULA or Contract and can be documented in relationship to that agreement.  Does anyone know if there is a way to get a software based listing of all the titles that meet the EAR requirements?  Most often this is related to compression, encryption, and AI technologies, but there are others.

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If there is a way to pull the ECCN for each software title i would have what i am looking for.


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I'd also love to hear of any approaches that people may have to get this information.

If being able to get this kind of data from Flexera would interest to you, I'd encourage you to vote for the following idea which is related: FXONE-I-176: ECCN Content in Technopedia

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