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IBM PVU Scanning

We are in the process of trying to get some performance testing done around the IBM PVU scanning in our environment (highly virtualized, runs near full capacity) and we have some questions on validation that it's actually working. At this point our inventory team is ahead of our licensing team so we already have the agent deployed to a number of devices but don't have IBM licensing information in FlexNet already. When we set up the IBM PVU scan and pick one target (by specific IP address) to sample the performance, the log file repeatedly shows 705 devices read from source. When we tried opening up the target list to hit a lot more devices, it still shows 705 devices read from source. How is this number calculated and how do we determine if the PVU scanning is causing the agent on a machine to run repeatedly throughout the day? is there a log file on the local machine or is there a timestamp updated in the database somewhere?
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Once configured for IBM PVU scanning, systems inventoried with PVU based applications should just start running inventories every 30 minutes. Nothing should need to be changed on the local agent on each system. Of course correct version of FNMS and agents required for PVU scanning. The additional inventories do not appear to cause any performance issues in our highly virtualized environment. Inventories run every 30 minutes only on the systems with PVU applications and it only uploads a new inventory when the PVU usage information changes. IBM requires this 30 minute interval if you are going to use FNMS for this so that is something you can not get around. I haven't found anything as to a report or timestamp that shows the systems with PVU scanning are inventorying correctly and look in the inventory file 'tracker.log' on each local system to verify. On a windows system this will likely be under C:\Windows\Temp\ManageSoft and you should see that an inventory was run every 30 minutes. When the system does need to upload an inventory you will see additional entries in this log for calculating the priority of the beacon servers and then uploading the files.
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So you are saying Samsung Galaxy Tablet model #SM-T520may not have the capability? Does Bolt-On have the software for reading the codes and if so what does Bolt On recommend for scanning these QRCs?
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