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IBM PVU License Current Consumption detects license for product not installed

Under the Reporting tool, there is a report called IBM PVU License Current Consumption.

WebSphere MQ Server 6.0 is being reports as installed on some servers.

The admins have advised that this product is not installed on the servers. 

So the questions is two fold:

1. What is Flexera finding to determine that this product is installed on the servers in question? If we can identify this than the admins can remove the file in question.

2. How does Flexera difirentiate between WebSphere MQ Server and WebSphere MQ Client?

WebSphere MQ Server would be a product that has PVU consumption. WebSphere MQ Client does not consume PVU. 

Thank you...

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What is your Inventory Source?  If you are using the FlexNet Agent, then it looks for a running process for IBM MQ to determine if the install is MQ Server (process is running) or only MQ Client (no process is running).

If your source of inventory is another discovery source such as SCCM, then it is possible that FNMS is showing some false positives because if the discovery tool is only getting Add/Remove entries and EXE Files, the install of IBM MQ Client and IBM MQ Server can look the same.

The Inventory source is FlexNet Manager Suite. How can confirm which process the agent is seeing running? Will it be under the Evidence page for the servers in question?

If so is there a way to determine exactly which process? There quite a few files listed there? Need to determine exactly which one.


Thank you

Yes, your next step would be to look at the Evidence tab for one of these Servers and see what Raw Installer and File Evidence is being used to recognize that MQ Server is installed.

There is nothing listed under the Installer tab of the Evidence page that relates to MQ.

Under the Files tab there is over 400 exe files when filtered for MQ. But even if these exe files are found on the server, it does not mean MQ is installed.

What should I tell the server admins to look for? Or am I reading this wrong?


Thank you