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Oracle DB Cost Option consumption anomaly - Active Data Guard

For Oracle Active Data Guard (an extra Cost Option for Oracle DB EE), FNMS is not showing any actual usage. From the Instance views no Active Data Guard (ADG) option is actually being used and displayed. ADG is installed on the device but not used and no License is allocated from the device/inventory perspective. The OSW shows exactly the same, no usage so not mentioned at all for that specific Instance. The embedded LMS archive download shows exactly the same: Installations but no usage/used. However, the FNMS license container for Oracle Active Data Guard shows consumption, although none of the mentioned Instances shows a "yes" in the used-column (see attached screenshot). 

The retention-date for Oracle Instances is configured at 90 days within FNMS. Customer is using the 2018R2 version. 

How can this situation being explained? 



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I know that you're working with support on this issue. Please update this thread with your findings when it gets resolved, if you think it would be useful for other community members.