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Gathering Virtual host data

Hi everyone,

I have another newbie question.

As part of phase 1 of our project we are only doing license optimization for MS SQL Servers. We have deployed the Flexera inventory agents to physical and virtual servers where MS SQL is installed and the inventory is being populated in FNMS. For the virtual machines in Discovery -> All Inventory there is a little red box next to the machine name and if I hover my mouse over it I get a pop up that says "This virtual machine has no host".

I have looked at the Flexera KB and also the documentation and cannot seem to find any information on how the host data can be brought into FNMS.

Can someone shed some light on what I need to do here. How can I go about and the get host information for the virtual machines?

We have FNMS 2017 R3 deployed. Any help/information is appreciated.

Thank you.
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Re: Gathering Virtual host data

If these machines are running on VMware infrastructure, the most common approach is to configure targets, rules and actions to perform a VMware inventory gathering operation. This is cause beacon(s) in your environment to attempt to connect to VMware VCenter and/or ESX servers to gather details of which virtual machines are running on which hosts.

There are a range of configuration settings which go into setting this up. If you have no had the opportunity to go through a training course on how to do this, start by going to the Discovery & Inventory > Discovery and Inventory Rules menu option in the UI, and look through the online help available from that page.
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Re: Gathering Virtual host data

If your virtual environment is managed by VMware vCenter, instead of using Rules you could use ESXQuery inventory tool from this article: Additional-Inventory-Tools-for-FlexNet-Manager-Suite. Download link is there in the article, and the archive file includes PDF instructions as well.

We have been successfully using it for several months now. Works much faster than when using Rules.

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