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Flexnet agent 2018 R1 on sles 12 sp3

Can we install the flexnet agent 2018 R1 in SLES 12 sp 3 server event if it not compatible. Will it work ?? 

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The release notes are the best place to check for this sort of information, I have attached the release notes for 2018r1, check out page 27-28

" OpenSuSE Leap 42.2, 42.3 (only on
x86, 32-bit and 64-bit)
• SuSE Enterprise Server 11 and 12
and 12 SP1 (only on x86, 32-bit
and 64-bit), Version 12 SP2 and
later are not compatible "

these pages list OS's that have been tested to work with the agent and therefore officially supported by Flexera support. That said when it comes to Linux based systems, for example, you can go away from this list and it may still technically work depending on the OS.

For example, I know we have tested and support Ubuntu so by extension since Linux Mint is also based on the ubuntu codebase it will most likely work with this as well, it just has not been tested on Linux mint and so unsupported from a flexera support perspective.

The reasons for this is partly because there are so many Linux distributions out there that testing would take a very long time if we did all of the Distros so we only test the most core popular distros.

This wiki article can give you a good idea as to how new distros be spun off from core distros can evolve over time:

Take a look at the current Linux/Unix agent. Due to the change in Java licensing they made it backwardly compatible. (It does a lot better job identifying Oracle Java installations too).