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FNMS support for Citrix Cloud

Please confirm if there is any roadmap items for support around Citrix Cloud and running virtual desktops  in this space.

how will inventory be collected? 

And will this be supported in FNMS?


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Hello @tertiusd,

There is an open Enhancement Request for this functionality, here are the issue details:

IOJ-1919551 - "Integration with Citrix Cloud"

I would advise you to raise a Support ticket, indicating your interest in the Enhancement (quoting the IOJ-xxx number), so that we can link it to the internal work order and provide updated information to you as it becomes available. Currently, from what I can see there does not appear to be an ETA for this to be productised.



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Thanks Joseph,

I will raise a ticket and then see where this goes.



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Hi Joseph

Any news regarding this functionalities?



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@blixtr - support for Citrix Cloud is currently shown with a "Planning to implement" status on the following Idea: https://flexerasfdc.ideas.aha.io/ideas/FNMS-I-31. Be sure to vote for the idea if you are interested in it, and haven't voted already.

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