What does each Idea status mean?

What does each Idea status mean?

Status Description
Needs clarification

For those Ideas where the Flexera Product Team needs a bit more information before deciding on next steps. 

We aim to move Ideas out of this status within 3 weeks, but this is very much dependent on whether we have received enough information in the Idea to make an informed decision on next steps.

Future consideration

Idea has been reviewed and Product Team sees value in the Idea. The number of votes on the Idea will be used to help ascertain demand for inclusion in future roadmaps.  

Ideas are reviewed regularly to determine status changes. No commitment is made on how long an Idea may stay in this status. 

Likely to implement The Idea is strategically aligned, has a high level of interest, and the Product Team feels it is a good candidate to be implemented.  The Idea will be considered for inclusion in a roadmap within 12 months, though there is no formal commitment to this.
Planning to implement The Idea has been through an initial Discovery cycle and a decision has been made to proceed with implementation.  This will appear on a Product Segment roadmap for delivery within 6 months.
Already exists The Idea has already been resolved or there is a suitable workaround in place that can be used. Details may be provided in the comments to assist with locating relevant content such as knowledge base articles or documentation.
Unlikely to implement We don't plan to implement the Idea. Significant further interest from voting may result in this status being reconsidered.
Will not implement The Idea is not something that's strategically aligned and we don't intend to implement.

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