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FNMS > ServiceNow - truncate application version

Client is wanting to truncate the application version data that is imported into ServiceNow from FNMS.  I understand the data is imported into ServiceNow staging tables then mapped to the db tables.  Can this be done during the import?  Or is it possible to truncate the application version after it is in the staging tables or db tables?


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I think we need to understand more about the use cases underlying this technical question to provide proper guidance. For example you may want to introduce the Flexera Data Platform to populate the ServiceNow CMDB with Technopedia's normalized software models (and other normalized data).

Technically however, with the FNMS -> ServiceNow integration:

  • For FNMS Cloud you would have to update the transform map on the ServiceNow side to truncate the values
  • For FNMS on-premise you may also be able to extract the truncated values from the FNMS compliance database by modifying the SQL query.


I agree that we need to understand the customer's Use Case.  The integration relies on the unique FlexeraID from the FlexNet ARL to determine uniqueness within ServiceNow, and therefore by truncating the Version Number from FlexNet Manager, the customer may still not get the desired results that they want.  For example, take the following scenario where FlexNet has normalized "Product XYZ" with a version number to 1 sub-version:

ProductXYZ 7.0

ProductXYZ 7.1

ProductXYZ 7.2


By truncating the version number, you would still end up with 3 catalog items in ServiceNow with the above software names and all 3 names would have a version number of "7".