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FNMEA Data Directory Cleanup

Does Flexera have any guidance on cleaning up files in the data directory on FNMEA? We have hundreds of thousands of files in the importcache, rep, and some other folders. We are looking for some kind of guidance. I apologize if I am missing it - but I didn't see anything in the FNMEA User Guide.

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I haven't come across such documentation either...

importcache is kind of a backup area if the import of report logs fail, and therefore it's safe to clean up if you're confident that you have all your report logs properly imported.

Maybe other forum members can provide further recommendations on some of the "other" folders and which data is safe to delete?


Thanks! I would appreciate any guidance or documentation that outlines how these folders are used so we know how best to maintain them.


Please raise the need for more documentation on this topic through the ideas portal so that other forum members can vote and as such make it bubble up to the attention of the product management team.

Please feel free to drop a link to the idea into this thread.