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Explanation of Alert: "Entitlements Exceed Effective Quantity"?

Another FNMS 101 question, I'm sure; but I don't see it addressed directly in Help, nor does Community Search give me an answer.


For purchases where there is the alert message "Entitlements exceed Effective quantity", how should I begin to troubleshoot this?  I don't see any consistency when I look at application installations and consumption against licenses, so what am I missing here?



David Mathias

NTT DATA Services

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In the examples with the alert bubble for this error, I see older software maintenance and subscription purchases.  Is that the connection?

Best, David

This error can appear if you link a license to a purchase order, and manually edit the 'Assigned entitlements' column, instead of using the recommended way of processing purchases orders to licenses from the 'Unprocessed Purchases' view.

You can find more information on this topic in the new FlexeraONE documentation in the 'Linking a License to This Purchase' chapter.

Hi - thanks, but we wouldn't have manually edited the "Assigned Entitlements".  It is, however, possible that we assigned PO line items before the SKUs were recognized and could not be processed via the recommendation engine.  I will look at those PO line items and licenses.  If they need to be removed from the licenses and reprocessed, we can try that next.


FNMS 2019 R1 on-prem, by the way.