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Difference between multi tenant and normal setup Architecture

Hi Forum,

Can someone explain how the Multi tenant Architecture is different from general on prem setup.

1. How are the tenant id's generated?

2. Will the core setup like Batch server, web application servers be same for the multi tenants and only the beacons will change?

3. can we install/run UAT, Test and Prod environments in multi tenant setup with different versions of FNMS if its allowed to  configure different application server and batch server for each tenant?

4. how are the clients licensed and how many tenants can be enabled on multi tenant setup?

i'm new to Multi tenant setup and i have to answer all these queries for someone. Referred the documentation from online help where in i couldn't find any clues regarding my queries

Request your valuable inputs on this.



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If you've got access to the partner portal please refer to documentation on 'Installing FlexNet Manager Suite 2019 R1 for a Managed Service' under the FlexNet Manager enablement content folder.


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