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Device status not changing to Ignored.


In our environment when device last inventory date is greater than 90 days, The asset status changes to ignored.

But we have lot of devices in the environment whose last inventory date is greater than 90 days and status is not changed to ignored. I have checked history for couple of assets and noticed there are few linking and unlinking of software. For few of the device's, device changed from computer to VM and vice-versa.

Can I know what might be causing this issue? Any help would be appreciated!


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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager
First of all, "Ignored" is not a valid status for Asset records. But it is a valid status for Inventory Device records, so I will assume that is what you are talking about.

Secondly, any automatic changing of status like you describe would be done through some kind of customization - such as a business adapter, or some other custom process that has been implemented on your system. So if you are finding that the status is not getting set as you expect on Inventory Device records then I would start by investigating details of what customization is in place to set the status, and looking in to its implementation to understand what it is and is not doing.
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