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Device Installation Details Report Source

There is a report called Device Installation Details under License Compliance/Applications. I wanted to be able to pull the information from the datatbase to get the info for a large subset of devices, does anyone know where this report is stored on the DB? We are using on-prem. 

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Hi Rob,

All native FNMS reports are stored in the [FNMSCompliance].[ComplianceSavedSearch] table.

The 'Device Installation Details' report that you are interested in is executing a stored procedure named 'ReportDeviceInstallationDetail'. This stored procedure has two parameters (@ComputerId, @RowLimit). The second @RowLimit parameter (maximum number of rows to be returned in the report) is optional.

To test this, for @ComputerId you need a valid 'ComplianceComputerID' value from the [ComplianceComputer] table. Let's assume that @ComputerId=5. To retrieve installation details for this computer, you only have to execute the following statement from Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS):


EXEC ReportDeviceInstallationDetail 5


Performance of this stored procedure is lousy though. If you want to use the SQL of the stored procedure for running it on multiple computers, you should consider rewriting it and/or storing the output of the stored procedure in a caching table.