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Date Last Run for reports is off



Currently facing an issue where the Date Last Run field in the report configuration report list section of FlexNet Manager is showing two hours before the current time.


I've checked that the report time zone in the settings and the server's time zone is set correctly - I've also manually run a few reports to make sure it is consistently showing two hours prior to the exact time ran.


In the Flexnet outfile log I can see a ton of these:


WARN: Couldn't parse timestamp line: null

WARN: Using current date as timestamp


Anything to do with this issue?  Any suggestions are appreciated!

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It's not completely clear to me what you're seeing, and as such also not of Inventory Date inconsistent when InventoryDate value is null between grid view and property dialog view is relevant, but perhaps you can check and then elaborate if your findings are completely different from what's described there.

If you feel like needing assistance troubleshooting your findings you may want to create a support case.



That article doesn't apply to the issue I'm facing.  To state it more simply, on the Reporting>Report Configurations page, the "Date Last Run" field is two hours before what it should be.

To test, I select a report configuration and run it manually.  When I reload the page and check for most recent run report configuration, the Date Last Run shows two hours in the past.

For example, if I manually run "Report 1" at 10 AM and immediately reload the page, it shows that it last ran at 8AM the same day.  And I made sure to check that there were no other manual or scheduled runs at 8AM.

It sounds as if this question is related to FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications - correct?

@ATD_IT  I ran a quick test in my demo environment and saw the same behaviour. To correct this, go to "My Profile" within the FNMEA console (top right corner below the logged in user name) and correct the Country and Time Zone settings. 


@tschaus - Correct for the first reply.


As for your second post suggestion - I will give this a shot, thank you!  I did adjust time zone settings under the report settings page (or something to this effect), but I'm not sure if it was under "My Profile" as you mentioned - not able to access the particular network we have the app running on at the moment.  The time zone setting I played around with didn't seem to have an effect on the date last ran field at all even after trying several time zones. 


I will let you know the results.