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Custom Location Import

I'm currently trying to do an import of custom location names via business adapter for flexera on prem. When trying to import the location names I am putting a / in the sub-level path, however, after being imported none of the locations are showing up nested. I can't do a bulk  sql insert even though I am db owner. I've also tried nesting the location names in the csv itself. Anybody have experience with this?

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Hi Stefan,

For the locations, make sure you are providing the full path with a leading slash, please.

I'm assuming that your data source looks like the following example CSV file, using a leading forward slash ('/') for the location path.

/Test/Sublocation A
/Test/Sublocation B

When configuring the 'Name' target property of the 'Location' target object in Business Adapter Studio, make sure that in the 'Data Transformation' section, you have the forward slash ('/') character configured in the 'Split values on' configuration field please:


 When importing your source data, Business Adapter Studio will create a location 'Temp' in the root, and 'Sublocation A' as well as 'Sublocation B' als children of the 'Temp' location.

Thank you this looks really helpful. I will give this a shot when I have time later this morning. 

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I had the same results with this, although it did update the description of the top level with a value from one of the sub-levels. Would you recommend making a field of arbitrary values for 'ID'? Not sure what the source value for that field should be. 

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Hi Stefan,

  • Leave the 'ID' field on it's default auto-generated value 'Location_ID', please.
  • Make sure that your data source has a column that includes the full path of your target location using a forward slash ('/') as the path separator, like in the '/folder1/folder2/folder3' example.
  • Make sure the forward slash ('/') is configured in the 'Split values on' field.

That should be it. When importing the data, any level of the '/folder1/folder2/folder3' path that does not exist yet will be generated.





I believe my name location is correct. The ID field has a 'row number' option, but when selected it doesn't successfully run a query to Flexera.

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@StefanGrisham - Do not assign a value to the ID field, Flexera will set that automatically.  Just leave it blank.

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Hi Stefan,

  • In Business Adapter Studio (MGSBI), when creating a new target object of type 'Location' (Context menu: Add New Item > Enterprise Groups > Location), MGSBI will create a new 'Location' target object. The 'ID' property of this object will be populated automatically with a value of 'Location_ID'. Leave it as it is.


  • The configuration of the 'LocationName' field in your screen shot looks correct

There is nothing else to configure. Just import your source data.