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Cost Center Filtering (Flexera Analytics)


Has anyone been successful on creating a dashboard that shows parts of your organization that are consumers of specific publishers?


For example:

Within the Management Dashboard > Publisher Summary, there is a Enterprise filter that will allow you to scope by either Location/Business Unit/Cost Center.

Is it possible to do the same within the Flexera Analytics Tool?




- David

(2) Replies

@davidle :

At the present time, Enterprise Group information (Business Units, Locations, Cost Centers) are not available in the Cognos Data Model.

We are currently beginning work to effectively overhaul our Analytics capabilities.  The goal of this improvement will be to provide rich out of the box customer experience, with widget and report library, allowing you to report on virtually add data stored by FlexNet Manager with target to complete majority of the work no later than mid-2020.  The changes are likely to be iterative in nature for FNMS Cloud customers and appear in future releases of FNMS on premises (e.g. infrastructure improvements in 2020 R1 release, data model and widget updates as they become available for download).

At this time, we are collecting use cases we have discussed with a few customers and we expect to be looking for additional feedback over the next couple of months.  

If you (or anyone else) are interested in providing input and feedback, please reach out to me directly, or contact your Customer Success Manager.