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Copy/Replicate data from production to non production instance

Has anyone back ported data from product FNMS into a development or non production instance?  If so, what tools/options did you look at?

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Hi, is your question related to FlexNet Manager Suite (FNMS) or FlexNet Operations? You mention FNMS in your post. There is a separate forum for FNMS at
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We have moved your discussion into the appropriate FNMS forum now.  

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Hello, In my experience, the best way to replicate data is to replicate the whole FNMSCompliance database into the test or development environment. For this a full backup (*.bak) of the FNMSCompliance database must be created and transferred to the target instance. Simply rename the original database to e.g. FNMSCompliance_old. The following reconfiguration steps are then necessary on the imported FNMSCompliance database: 1. Optional: Reconfigure database names within dbo.ComplianceConnection_MT in the case FNMSDataWarehouse or FNMSInventory database has a different name in the target instance 2. Set host name of target instance (FNMS Processing server) via update command on dbo.BatchProcessor_MT table 3. Set FQDN host name of target instance (FNMS Processing server) via update command on dbo.ComplianceSetting_MT. The SettingName is "BatchSchedulerHostName" 4. Remove productive Beacon entry from dbo.Beacon_MT 5. Add "correct" Beacon with data from target instance dbo.Beacon_MT table (for this you need the FNMSCompliance_old database) including the BeaconUID, BeaconName, XML and so on I have attached a script for these update steps. That makes it easier. Please also note that it is best to stop all FNMS services before replication. I hope I was able to help you. If you need more information answer to this post.

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This is a similar topic to what has been discussed in the following thread: FNMS 2018 R1 - Cloning Prod to Dev

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