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Hi all, I recently upgraded the FlexNet Inventory Agent to 2020 R2 on our LINUX systems. Once I did this I started to see containers being inventoried under Discovery & Inventory - All Containers.  The problem is that it does not seem to be showing all containers on a particular host. Ex. I see Jira and Confluence containers (Atlassian products) but do not see their corresponding postgres database containers, NGINX, or Twistlock containers. All are docker containers and all are vendor provided. 

Any suggestions?

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Are the missing containers special compared to the containers that do show up, e.g. are they running in different types of environments and if so are these supported by Flexera, are the images special, etc.

It may be difficult for the forum members to assist you troubleshoot as it's most likely something in your environment, but please also consider contacting Flexera Support if you need assistance in troubleshooting.