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Consumption with no install

Has anyone ever seen in a license consumption view where consumption is being calculated but the Installed column shows No?  Some are allocated and some are unallocated.  And use rights & rules does NOT have "Allocations consume license entitlements" checked.  I'm stumped why the users or devices would even show up if FNMS doesn't see it installed??

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What you are describing would be a common scenario for Oracle Processor in an ESX environment, because Oracle requires all hosts in an ESX cluster to be licensed.

For example, you have a cluster1 with two hosts, and HostA has a single guest with a product licensed under oracle processor. In the license consumption tab, it will list HostA and HostB as Installed No, but then have consumption, and GuestA would have Installed Yes, but no consumption because the consumption is calculated at the host level.

Cluster1             Cores        Installed      Consumed

     HostA               16                 No                    16

           GuestA        4                  Yes                    0

     HostB              16                 No                     16

So it may depend on a few factors, such as license type, it is physical vs virtual environment, etc.

The example I'm seeing is for Think-Cell, a simple user license type.  There is no relation to clusters and hosts.  ??

Hi Kathy,

Do you run 2019 R2? Because then you should have a look at the assessment details for this license.


Best regards,


no we have v2018 R1.  Is there a fix for this version to add that feature?

@kathy_allen  - It would be helpful if you could attach a document showing some of the details of your license, including Consumption, Applications and Use Rights (and the License Metric)

it looks like just the unallocated are consuming.  Those allocated with no installs are not consuming (as expected).  See attached.

Kathy, what do you see if you add the Device Name and the Used columns to the consumption tab of this license?

Also, is this application installed locally, is it is being streamed by App-V or XenApp?

Think Cell is an excel add in so I don't think its streamed but not sure.  There are no devices or usage for the one consuming in question.

Kathy - you currently have me scratching my head on this one.  I cannot think of a reason why that User would show consumption.  If you have not done this yet, I suggest you submit a Support Case.

Do you know why so many users have been Allocated to this license?  Since this is a plain User metric and not a 'Named User' metric, there should not be any reason to allocate users.


Thanks I have opened a support ticket.

The thought process was that we would allocate the user's to the license when the purchase was processed our licensing team would enter their license key when it was received.  In scenarios where we have multiple licenses for an application version, it helps them identify the correct license.