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Connections to AWS EC2 (FlexNet Beacon Installed on EC2 instance) using IAM Role

Connections to AWS EC2 (FlexNet Beacon Installed on EC2 instance) using IAM Role


Do we require  AWS Systems Manager Agent (SSM Agent)  to configure over EC2 instance  does that  hold any dependence on AWS integration

As per the  details mentioned below  document, there is a note mentioned


During the configuration process your AWS Systems Manager Agent (SSM Agent) processes requests from the Systems Manager service in the AWS Cloud, and then runs them as specified in the request. SSM Agent then sends status and execution information back to the Systems Manager service by using the Amazon Message Delivery Service (service prefix: ec2messages). If the configuration process fails, you must use the script InitializeInstance.ps1 which is provided by Amazon and is installed by default to each EC2 instance


Please suggest 

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By Level 8 Champion
Level 8 Champion


There are basically two things you need to implement in regards to have AWS EC2 inventory.

1: Instance data
Integration with the AWS API preferably by having a beacon installed on an EC2 to get instance data.
This do not have any dependencies to SSM.
You need to setup the IAM Roles and Policies for your EC2 instance.

2: Technical Inventory
Deploy inventory agents onto each EC2 to get the technical inventory
In the manual you find different ways to to deploy FNMS agent.
or you can enable the AWS SSM and develop an inventory adapter in FNMS