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Compliance Trend Report showing different data


I am trying to understand the output of compliance trend report.
When I generate the report for a license I see snapshot date and compliance position.

Could someone please shed more light on what
1] snapshot date is
2] compliance position is? why is it showing me 2 here and when I open the license properties I see available entitlements as -1?
Is there any specific correlation between the two?

Similarly for another license, when I generate compliance trend, it shows compliance position is 7, but in license properties available entitlements is 2 and not at risk.

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@aansari  - The Compliance Trend report shows your license position over time.  There is a scheduled job that runs to take your current License Position of each of your licenses and "Snapshot" that into the DataWarehouse database.  This information includes the Purchase and Consumption count of each license as of the Date and Time that the Snapshot was created.

The intent of your Compliance Trend Report is to show how your Purchase/Consumption count of your licenses has changed over time.


Thank you for the reply.
Would you be able to shed some light as to why I am seeing the difference between the compliance position in the report and total available entitlements?

Is there any way I can fix this?

Thanks and regards,

@aansari - Perhaps you can include some screen images, as I do not quite understand your issue.  Since this report shows your license in the past, it would be expected that is does not match what you currently see in the Web UI for the license position because that would be as of today.



Thank you for all your help. 

To further explain, I have a license say license1, in compliance trend report, I can see my compliance positions for the past 4 weeks has been (-2), while when I look at the properties of license for entitlement and consumption, my total entitlement has been -1 during this period of time.

For another license, license02, compliance position in compliance trend report has been -5 but when I see the entitlement it is -8 and at risk.

I hope that helps.



Aftab Ansari

@aansari - Sorry, this does not help.  The Compliance Trend report shows your license position at a point in time in the past.  When you look at that same license in the Web Console you see the license position as of today - therefore it is very possible that your past license position is not the same as your current position today.

Perhaps you can send a screen image of the Compliance Trend Report and explain what you think is not correct.


i too have some observation on the "to the date" part of this report ,

  • When i analyzed , it looks like the to date field is point to the last snapshot date  (which is every Sunday for me)
  • That is if you generate a compliance report today (eg : 16th June 2021) , the compliance trend report will show the latest vale taken on last Sunday (13th June 2021)
  • At the same time if the effective compliance position is changed on yesterday (15th June 2021) may be by additional consumption or by reduction is consumption , the compliance trend report that i generated will be showing the values taken during last snapshot ( that is on 13th June )

is this the expected behavior that , Snapshots are taken only once in week for this report ?


Also is there any option available to customize  the snapshot frequency ?


Note : The help section of the report is not speaking about the snapshot and its frequency 


@emtmeta  - The purpose of the Compliance Trend Report is to give insight into the Long-Term trends in your license position.  For example, what has changed over the last 3 month, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years.  It is not meant to show changes from 1 day to the next.  Therefore, snapshots of the data are taken on a weekly basis. 

If you have FNMS On-Premises, I think that there may be a Scheduled Task that does this where you may be able to change the frequency of the snapshots.  If you have FNMS Cloud/Flexera One, then this cannot be changed.

Thanks man , for the clarification