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Solved Unable to access WEB UI - fresh install of FNMS 2020 R1

Fresh install of 2020R1 - all completed okUnable to access the WEB UIthe webui.log has an unhandled error[ERROR 2020-07-02 10:59:22,094 41807224ms UnhandledErrors ] An unexpected error occurred (3f4fda29-f7ff-4f91-b43a-5f9333b515e2)System.Web.HttpCom...

Solved Software discovery in docker containers

Hello, At our customer estate, containerization is growing quickly but they feel FNMS not picking up the applications installed/evidences installed,  below are customer's observations, need your advice 1. Flexera has never picked up any commercial co...

ImIronMan by Level 6 Flexeran
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FlexNet Manager Suite Inventory/Discovery capabilities

Good day I have a question on Inventory/Discovery capabilities by FlexNet Manager Suite around:Container Technologies like Dockers, Containers, KubernetesMicro servicesNetwork software discoveriesCan these be done currently and if not, is there a roa...

Solved what happen in initial agent policy is not downloaded for a number of days due to connectivity issue ?

i have below concerns regarding agent 3rd prty deployment .suppose the initial agent policy is not downloaded for days due to connectivity issue between agent and beacon server , then How often the agent will check the connectivity to beacon serverWi...

emtmeta by Level 7
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Solved What happens to users after an integration is removed?

Hello everyone,What happens to user records after their originating integration is removed? For instance, if I have an SCCM integration which creates user records should those users be removed when I delete the SCCM integration? I know that is the be...

Azure connector for china tenants not working

Hi,i was testing to use Azure connector to gather China vm  information.while testing connection on the (2019 R1) beacon i am getting an error "AADSTS90002 Tenant not found. This may happen if there are no active subscription for the tenant."However ...

Solved vCenter installed on IP and not FQDN

Hi all,I encountered a strange and may be a bug in FNMS vCenter audit.I have a few vCenters installed on ip and not on FQDN as is advised by VmWare.Back ground info. Seems that in the past VmWare had a bug where was not possible to install FQDN that ...