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Cloudera HDP Select 3.1 tagged as Component


We had a query related to the hdp select 3.1 application which is currently tagged as a component under publisher Cloudera in FNMS ARL. HDP was a product by Hortonworks & they used to have this product as opensource. Hortonworks was acquired by Cloudera in 2019. Our query is -

1. Since this application is tagged as component - Is it still a open source or is considered as a commercial software which needs a license? 

2. Could you please share some licensing documentation related to hdp select 3.1?

Please advise.

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@80jignesh - A classification value of "Component" simply means that this application is a component of another application and is not normally installed as a stand-alone application. 

It does not require its own license entitlement.


Is there a way to find out in FNMS what is the actual application this component came with?

There no explicit relationship between application records in the ARL that are classified as "components" and what other software they may be used by or related to. However based on the naming, I would guess that the "Cloudera HDP Select 3.1" application in the ARL is a component that is part of or related to the following product:
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