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Citrix XenApp Server Adapter issue while execute import

I have configured Citrix XevApp Server adapter in out environment but getting issue in the import process, attached log file for error, I have performed below steps,

1. Installed XenApp server agent on Citrix XevApp server (data collector)

2. Executed FnmpXenAppAgent.exe to gather inventory and send to new database created, this steps executed without any error and i could see some data got populated in the database table

3. Have configured Citrix XenApp adapter into Beacon server, it got configured successfully

4. When I executed Adapter configured on Beacon, it's giving error while and error is related to database error such as "Invalid object name 'principal'", when I seen .xml files mentioned in the import log and found some tables doesn't exist in our Compliance database, not sure how it's happening. I have attached log file for your reference.

I am not sure why .xml files which this Adapter using are giving us error, is there any other version of xml file while we need to download or whats the issue.

We are using Flexnet Manager Suites verison 2019 R1 on-Premise.

Please help me to fix this issue.


Best regards,


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Also please find attached .xml file for your reference,

This adapter is for Citrix XenApp (Edgesight).

Hi @SandeepKolhe ,

If you have a XenApp adapter configured writing to a staging database, the beacon connection should be the Citrix Xenapp type - not the Edgesight one.   The error you are seeing happens because the schema is different between the Citrix Xenapp staging database and the Citrix Edgesight.