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No applications associated with known SKU

What is the process for getting applications associated with a SKU?  We were building a licensed based off a known SKU, but no applications were associated once it was created.  

Also, what is the process for requesting unrecognized evidence be added to an ARL?  Or that an ARL be created.  

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The best way to request that an application be added to the Application Recognition Library (ARL), is to provide the Support team with Evidence for the application. Please also provide the SKU number, so that our content team can link the newly created application to the appropriate SKU. The application evidence can be provided in two ways:

If you are using the Inventory agent, you can provide an NDI file from a machine that has the application installed.

The preferred way is to provide an xlsx export of the application's unrecognized evidence from FNMS. This can be done from the Unrecognized evidence page, using the download button. I would recommend filtering the unrecognized evidence for just the application that you are looking for, as this will help speed up the request.

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