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CAL Usage Inventory - "Rows" limitation

It would be EXTREMELY beneficial to me to be able to generate and export a CAL Usage Inventory report for ALL users within FNMS. Unfortunately, there appears to be a limitation of 100 rows per page when running that report and consequently, a limitation to the data that can be exported per "report run".  With that limitation we'd have to run the report well over 100 times to get all data and then compile it all into a consolidated workbook. So my question is: Has anyone figured out a way around the "100 rows of output" limitation? 

Our hope is to run the CAL Usage Inventory report (one time), export the output to Excel, eliminate duplicates and then use the number of unique logon IDs as our CAL count.

Thanks in advance.


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By Level 5 Flexeran
Level 5 Flexeran

The 100 rows shown in the screenshot is in regards to the access evidence being chosen for the report, not for the report itself.

When you run the actual report, the results can be expanded up to 1000 rows per page and the export button should export all rows from all pages.

If you are trying to include all 12000 access evidence in a single report, your best bet would be to build a query to run directly on the database assuming you are on-premises.

Hello Jell-O. Thanks for your response.  Yes, that is exactly what we want to do, "include all 12000 access evidence in a single report".  Unfortunately, I do not know how to execute on what you had suggested and have opened a support case with Flexera to get their assistance.  If you know of any other documentation, guidance or assistance around this it would be sincerely appreciated. Thanks again.

Can anyone provide any guidance or a sample around this?  Opening a Flexera case for support was a dead-end.

Again, all we're looking for is a single report that provides ALL access evidence as output.  The GUI limits you to 100 "ID's" as input.