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Best way creating license, when the same license can covers several products/applications

In FNMS On Premise,

We have special license that allows to use the same license with any product suite as named user license, in this case Adobe in Creative cloud Suite, could be another publisher and another Suite. The user allocation is going to be with a Business Adaptor.

Currently, I couldn´t think in a clean solution, I had reviewed the Adobe Practice Guide, taking this guide in mind I think the best approach could be:

  • Create a license for each product of the suite with metric “named user” and thought the Business Adaptor do the removal and allocation.
  • Create a license to recover all the “uncompliance” with metric “user”, associated with all the application as primary.
    1. One possibility is: assign the purchases to this license, then a Business Adaptor will have to sum the consumption of the licenses of point 1 to add as consumption as Allocation. It could be recovered processed csv from the Adobe Portal.

The problem is what Flexera shows is the optimized scenery, all licenses assigned.

  1. Another possibility is: create a new license as custom metric, sum all adobe licenses., It could be recovered processed csv from the Adobe Portal.

The problem is there are one license with the purchased licenses and another licenses with uncompliance.

What is your opinion?, do you know or think in another way to do it?.

Thanks in advance.

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