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Beacon unable to download policy - Service Unavailable

By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

I have a child beacon that has connectivity issues with the parent beacon. I have verified that the App Pool Identity is in the local administrators account and that the beacon service is running under the context of the same service account. When I check the Flexera Beacon in Application Pool the service is stopped on both parent and child beacon. I manually restart them but once I open the beacon on the child server i get the attached error and the app pool service stops on both child and parent beacons.


Any insight into this?

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Has the password of the Service Account recently changed?

@kclausen I am looking into that, but it is strange because the operational parent beacon uses the same service account and password as the child beacon.


@chirag_sharma2 Can you elaborate? I am not sure how this would be beneficial. We have a multi-tiered parent-child-child-child beacon architecture due to security zones, subdomains, and explicit communication flow.

@dbeckner - Verify that on this specific Windows Server your Service Account:

1) Is a member of the local Administrator security group

2) Has "Logon as a Service" local security policy

@kclausen Both beacon servers have the service account in the local admins group and are assigned "logon as a service" rights. I just reset the service account password and added it to both servers and successfully logged into the child server using that account.

What are the authentication requirements for each site in IIS on both servers? I currently have it set as follows:

ManageSoftDL: Anonymous Auth - enabled, Windows Auth - disabled

ManageSoftREA: Anonymous Auth - enabled, Windows Auth - disabled

ManageSoftRL: Anonymous Auth - enabled, Windows Auth - disabled

@kclausen Do you know if there are any Flexera specific configs that I could check to ensure the updated service account credentials are included? I have added the new password on both parent and child beacon servers in IIS, the password vault, and in services, but the Flexera Beacon app pool is still stopping.

@dbeckner - I would suggest a review of your IIS Logs to see why the App Pools are stopping and also raise a Support Case.

I would suggest to reconfigure your child beacon with parent configuration.

Was this child-parent connection working earlier and suddenly this issue has surfaced? Or is it that the child has never connected to this beacon even once since it was setup?

Also did you already check Event viewer to see if there are some clues?

@savin_shetty1 This was working until 19 days ago. When i checked on the service account it was locked out, so that is likely the initial cause of loss of connectivity. However since then i have unlocked the account, reset the password, and updated the credentials everywhere that I know of. The event viewer shows a u/p issue. I've updated the following on parent and child beacons:

- beacon service

- password vault in the beacon

- Flexera Beacon app pool identity