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Beacon showing check connectivity after Upgrade

We have upgraded our Beacon from V 15 to V16 once after the upgrade the beacon is showing check connectivity.


I have deleted the beacon entry in UI and un-installed and installed fresh still the same error, we did not have any issues when we were using V15


I have validated all the services and task schedulers and all are enabled, I choose system account while installing the beacon.


I have successfully upgraded in all the other beacons except this one beacon.

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If you receive check connectivity error, you should 1st investigate why this is happening on the beacon server.

I encountered once after upgrade, that a beacon that is 3 level down (beacon 3->Beacon 2-> beacon 1-> app server) , lost the URI settings, due to security reason that beacon can connect only to beacon 2, and in the registry the URI was pointing to the https address of the webUI, I changed to point to the beacon from above and now is working.  From my point of view check connectivity issue, you should always troubleshoot from the beacon server.

You need to validate if every thing is ok with the beacon.

@adrian_ritz1  Thanks for your reply.


I managed to overcome the issue by installing the FNMS agent and then by re-installing the bacon. Once after the re-installation, I have restarted the IIS connection and enabled windows authentication which solved the issue.

Now I'm getting this error 'last download of package from managed device failed'  also should we manually assign subnets to the beacon or based on the AD it will get assigned automatically?

@ChrisG @mrichardson