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Red HAT satellite integration


Red HAT satellite allows system administrators to deploy and manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux hosts. Is there currently a way to scan or collect data from RedHat satellite for enriching data in FNMS?



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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


I've created an inventory adapter some years ago. While it is possible, there might be some limitations reagarding what data Red Hat Satellite provides.

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Hi Markward,

would you be willing to share the Adapter you've created as there's another customer thinking about to integrate Red HAT Satellite in the future, or would you like me to put this as an Idea into the Flexera Community to ask for an official Adapter to be created and what kind of information would you agree to be useful coming from this integration?

Thanks & best regards


Hi Oliver,

As usual, this was done in a project context and someone paid for it. I asked some colleagues and will get back to you as I receive an answer.

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Hi Oliver,

That was a quick answer. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to share this.

On the other hand, this thing is from 2013 and I am not even sure if would be of much use anymore. It is based on the default inventory adapter created using IAS. I guess someone could re-build this in 1-2 days.

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We also created an adapter for this,  The Red Hat team created a daily export that we pull down to our server using PowerShell.  The adapter then reads that file and allocates it to the license daily.  Then i built a SQL View that demonstrates where the two sources do not agree.  The first step though is getting that extract from Satellite.  The rest is cake.

We are also interested. We are having the RHEL admins export data from Satellite server and then we have to manually allocate consumption against the license to be able to report the monthly managed services fee against the blanket PO for that feature. We have also discovered that FNMS data may regularly be more accurate than Satellite data on RHEL version installed, curiously enough.

I've brought up this topic a couple of times already:


My team would be interested in knowing of any further developments or solutions.


Thanks, David Mathias

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