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Backup for FNMS


I have a question about backup for FNMS on premise.

In this link , it says about backup the database. Then how about other components such as application server (and in case seperated web server, inventory server, batch server), cognos and beacon? Is there any best practice to backup these components or I just need to replicate 1:1 and connect to database to make the FNMS work? 

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By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Hi Anhpham1652,

For Application servers, I would suggest you follow a typical backup process for Windows based .Net applications. You can use some of the capabilities that are provided by the Hypervisor (assuming you have virtualised). If not, other backup capabilities can be used. Remember, in most cases, these server are not mission-critical and do not need to be 24x7 available - this should drive your backup strategy.

For Beacons, most customers simply take a virtual snapshot of the device on a regular basis (weekly), and recover from these if there is a problem. Most data on the beacon is transient and recreates automatically. If you have some policies and perhaps your staging database on a beacon this should also be ok with snapshots.

There are some docs in Community as well as that go into this in more detail. You can look into the Best Practice guides too.