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Application last used date is populated as a recent date, but the .exe is not showing raw software usage for the device.

We have recently implemented raw software usage using the 2020 R1 client. As part of the data analysis, we show some devices not reporting in raw software usage for a particular application.  However, when looking at the inventory for the device, the last used date is populated with a recent date (i.e. 12/5/2020) for the same application.

In reviewing the usageagent.log on a device, we see that the product is cached, however we do not see any UNKNOWN PRODUCT or KNOWN PRODUCT entries for the executables (excel.exe, winword.exe, etc.) which to us would contribute to usage.

In this case, we are not understanding where the last used date is coming from. We understand that it is from inventory but would like a definition of how it is calculated. This is critical for us to understand so that we know if we are able to rely on the raw software usage that is being returned.  We did check that raw software usage for this application is being returned on other devices.

This is not a single device issue but rather one that we are seeing on 1000+ devices.

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Hi @msmith4,

Do you have any running imports from SCCM? This connection is capable of bringing in 'Last Used Date' data for applications, but there will be no associated data in Raw Software Usage, because this page is a view against the Inventory database, which only contains data gathered by Flexera agents.



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Yes we are bringing in data from SCCM, but have also rolled out the SCCM 2020 R1 agent (v15) to our PCs, which is configured to bring in usage data. The particular device that we are using as an example has raw software usage associated, just does not show any executables associate with Office Standard 2016 (excel, word, powerpoint, etc.).  The last used date for the application is recent on many of the PCs that have the software installed - just no raw software usage to back up the conclusion.  There are other devices that have Office Standard 2016 installed that is showing raw software usage, so do not believe that it is associated with the inability to tie .exe to an application in the ARL.

If we look at last used date we draw one conclusion, if we look at raw software usage, we draw another conclusion. This is going to result in a lack of trust for the tool/data as we make enterprise-wide recommendations using this data.  We are presenting this data to our leadership very soon with recommendations but struggling to understand the story well enough due to the data.

It is possible that on the Device in question, the Last Used Date is coming in from SCCM and either the FlexNet Agent is not installed on the device to bring in the raw usage, or the FlexNet Agent is installed on that device, but the FlexNet Usage Agent is not installed/enabled.

Thanks for the suggestion - however the device is bringing in both SCCM and Flexera inventory as well as Raw Software Usage (RSU) from the Flexera agent.  The RSU shows data for many applications, just not the application in question. This is occurring on many devices so leaving us a bit baffled.  We have also looked at the usageagent.log for this particular device to review if a session has been cached for any of these products and do not see these entries. There are no UNKNOWN PRODUCT or KNOWN PRODUCT entries for any of the components of Office Standard. Only that the MSI product has been added to cache, which does not appear to be due to usage, but almost like a pre-caching activity.


I think that you may have misunderstood @jjensen's comments above. SCCM can be the source of the 'Last Used Date' data for applications. There's as such nothing contradicting in seeing the 'Last Used Date' being updated for an application (based on SCCM data) while not seeing raw software usage data indicating the same from the Flexera agent for the same application.