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All ManageSoft references should be changed to Flexera

Throughout Flexera there are still plenty of references to ManageSoft and it can often times be confusing to those who have no clue that ManageSoft and Flexera are the same thing. Often times we run into the problem where our client asks us why they are seeing information for ManageSoft and not just Flexera information and we have to constantly remind them that they are one of the same. 

Now that Flexera has been called Flexera for a good amount of time I think it would be beneficial to finally change these references to be more uniform. This change wouldn't be very hard and could make a big impact.

Are there any other users who agree that this change needs to happen?

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This is a great suggestion and I definitely agree with your sentiment.

Having said that, doing this type of clean up may require significant investment.  I do expect this will be something that will get corrected over time as we proceed towards our future vision, but I don't have specific timeliness to share (it will likely happen one piece at a time).  As with everything we make investment decisions and delivery of new capabilities, fixing issues win out over this type of change almost every time (and this is not just a Flexera thing, I have been through many acquisitions in my career).