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Adoption skipped

Good day, 

I have an issue with our FNMS system, where we are trying to adopt devices in the environment but rule results come back stating that the devices were skipped as they are not marked for adoption and I have confirmed the rule and adoption is marked for the devices, the device subnets are assigned to the beacon.

What might I be missing?



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Level 16 Champion
Level 16 Champion

It may take some time until subnet settings are updated on the beacon. You might want to try restarting the beacon service to trigger updates.

Edit: Also please check your other target definitions. There might be another target configured with "Do not allow these targets to be adopted", therefore effectively disallowing adaption.

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I have checked the targets and the subnets were assigned sometime in March, I have ran out of things to look at.
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Please create a support case if you need assistance in troubleshooting this issue further.

And please update the community with your findings afterwards if you think others can benefit from it.


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@JohnSorensenDK I logged the call.
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